About us

About me the owner

My name is Ronieth Ilsar

I was born in Afula – Israel, where I spent my first years (1½) of life, then I came to the Netherlands. I grew up in Amsterdam, I went there to school that is why my mother language is Dutch. In 1986 have came back to Afula.

I live in Israel again from the end of 1986. I worked in an Air Force kitchen for 19 years and then it was time to change something. All my life I have family / friends living in Israel or the Netherlands. I have a strong relationship with both countries.
The sale started with packages to family. One year I forgot to send Hanukkah candles. My brother, at the last minute for Hanukkah, could not buy candles for a reasonable price. Everywhere he went they were already sold out. Then I seriously started to do something with the connection I have with these two countries. That’s how I started virtual sales.

I work with several suppliers who send directly to you. It may be that if you order multiple items, you get multiple packets.

What we are selling ? All kind of Judaica, for example tallit, tefillin, home blessings, jewelry and more.

For me is very important to give the best service. When you have a question feel free to ask. You will gett a answer within 24 hours.

Best regards

Ronieth Ilsar