Frequently asked questions

Where do you shipping from?
We are shipping from Israel.

How do I know that my order has been received, processed and shipped?
After shopping at our store, You will be able to log in to “Your account” and check your order status at any time.

Do your prices include shipping ?
Yes all of our prices are including shipping.

Do your prices include import duties?
Customs or import duties may be applied, not included. As every country has their individual demands, we suggest that you investigate this point prior to making any purchase.
We are not responsible for the delay in delivery caused by customs.

What is normal time before my order will be sent out ?
Most orders will send out within 7 business days.
Custom products could have a longer production time until 10 business days. This information you can see on the product page.

How secure is your site?
We are using the latest industry standard of Internet security, SSL. We regard both the security and privacy of our customers with highest regard and will continuously update our security measures accordingly to ensure that our customers are protected.